Reform of a wall tiled in imitation of stone

In this blog entry, we will explain the procedure to carry out when we restore a wall of a dining room pargeted in plaster, which was tiled with tiles that mimic the shape of stones placed individually.

How do you do it? Tiled wall faux stone 1
There is to clean up all the wall until it completely clean and make the brick look.


Once we have protected the soil with plastic to prevent damage to the stoneware, put on our gloves, preferably with a picoleta, we will be hitting the gypsum and go corroding the plaster until practically all bare and without almost any other plaster brick.

How do you do it? Tiled wall faux stone 2
Then the wall is maestrea and enluce with cement

Walling and level

Once all the plaster of the wall has been removed, should be sacked teachers to lead in a vertical direction to facilitate the subsequent walling with cement. A separation of about 120-150 cm. approximately between teachers is sufficient to facilitate the work. For these cases, with a mixture of red sand quarry and Portland cement, a ratio 4:1 is enough. To knead, try is not very hard to ensure a proper adhesion to brick and avoid unwanted top.

When the cement has set, remove the level horizontally and use some rules, that tie with a construction nails, to rest the tiles. Normally not is usually start from the floor, since this can have irregularities and to go climbing with the tiled, us can find some surprise little nice.

We will endeavour to place rules to a height that will allow us to cut the irregular this kind of tile joints and the Board that remains with the soil is of the least possible size. We must also take into account the parts of the top row, this can vary depending on the height of each wall. If we intend to put plaster molding, we must not worry too much to adjust the ceiling since the Board will be hidden.

How do you do it? Tiled wall faux stone 3
With settled rules at level, we shall now proceed to the tiles.


Now that everything is prepared to start the tiles, you can knead or sand with Portland cement to a ratio of 3:1 or white, preferably and for added convenience, use glue cement. The latter also provides an excellent grip but is more manageable and will give us a greater margin setting.

With the prepared material of placement, we will proceed with the placement of tiles. Starting from this section of the reform, already starts to cheer is the view to the verse them results since the rhythm of tiled, if the Walling has been made correctly and extend the cement tail with a plain toothed, us collective much more at the time of place them pieces of tile.

How do you do it? Tiled wall faux stone 4
As well, luce wall once we have finished tile.


If all has gone well, once we have placed both the top row and bottom of the wall, now we can start the process to cover the joints of the tiles. It is rather tedious but it will offer us a better finish. Look for a mortar for grouting of a hue similar to it of the tile that use, it amasaremos to create a pasta manageable and with a spatula or plain of rubber go filling them. When we finish, already only it we will have clean them with Esparto grass and a sponge.

Ready! We have our new finished wall. Have you followed our steps? So what are you did? We look forward to your comments and, why not, also photos.